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hoipolloi_penny's Journal

4 August
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I grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Iqualuit.
I lived there with my parents, and my 14 brothers and sisters. We had 4 pet dogs, but our one horse ate one of them, so we only have 3 now. Oh, and my cat, Fatty Lumpkin, he ate a goat one day. He was hungry and stuck in the barn, so he ate one of the goats. Oh, and one day when i was off at school, my dad ran over one of my brothers with the tractor, but it was ok, because he was one of the spares, so it didn't matter that he died.
Oh! and then, last week, my pa desided to get el-ekt-ricit-y run to the house, so now, I'm able to go on the internet! Oh, and I'm also able to have light in the house that isn't from fires and candles.

Adam Brody is Geekified Love.

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title or description

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Made by hyldemoerwitch

King Arthur is Love

Medical Investigation is Love

Aww, it's too bad this show was cancelled.

Dom's Scarf is Love

Jesus Fish are Love

Kilts are Sex Love

I'm having fun with the colourbars, can't you tell?